Thursday, October 13, 2011


I really like cheerleading now. Its very different and awesome.! I never thought that i would want to be a cheerleader because of the people that talk about you. But I decided that thats not getting in my way because they just mad that they cant be a cheerleader like me and do it like I do. So I notice that you have to be on point and stay on point while being a cheerleader. Like if your Grades  are failing grades you will get kicked off. Im fine with that rule I guess. This Is what I like to do so I have no choice. I think that I have this certain potential inside of me for this thing so thiss is why I like cheerleading!

weekend plans

This weekend i plan to go to the movies tonight. Then pick of three of my friends and go out to eat at Staircrazy! After that we all we be going back to my house and sleep over. Following that, then on friday we all gone go halloween shopping at south county mall and go to the delmar loop,'! After that , go home and spend the night again and get some movies out of redbox. Next on saturday we gone go to Creepy world and see which one is better ( the darkness or creepy world) ! Whoa,'! So on sunday we will be having sunday dinner at my house and then drop everybody off but during the day we will be outside and all around.# YAY!