Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Best winter break ever!!!!

Today my family and I are at uniion station having the most amazing time ever 4 days before christmas. We all thought this would be fun a finish our ginger bread village ,'!!! <3 finish the rest later

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I really like cheerleading now. Its very different and awesome.! I never thought that i would want to be a cheerleader because of the people that talk about you. But I decided that thats not getting in my way because they just mad that they cant be a cheerleader like me and do it like I do. So I notice that you have to be on point and stay on point while being a cheerleader. Like if your Grades  are failing grades you will get kicked off. Im fine with that rule I guess. This Is what I like to do so I have no choice. I think that I have this certain potential inside of me for this thing so thiss is why I like cheerleading!

weekend plans

This weekend i plan to go to the movies tonight. Then pick of three of my friends and go out to eat at Staircrazy! After that we all we be going back to my house and sleep over. Following that, then on friday we all gone go halloween shopping at south county mall and go to the delmar loop,'! After that , go home and spend the night again and get some movies out of redbox. Next on saturday we gone go to Creepy world and see which one is better ( the darkness or creepy world) ! Whoa,'! So on sunday we will be having sunday dinner at my house and then drop everybody off but during the day we will be outside and all around.# YAY!

Friday, September 30, 2011

5th block class

My 5th block is some what ummm how can i put this oh i know they cause alot of commotion. But i cant even lie i like being in ms.benson 5th block. wwe have alot of talkers and comedians. But sometimes those students cause others to get in trouble.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

my final

One of my 1st amazing times in my life is my 1st trip to california/la. It was 1 of the greastest trips out of town to me. Before I got there I had to get on the plane. My flight was good because I was sleeping the whole entire time on the way there. Soon as I arrived my uncle had this man that had on a black suit & had a black shiney car waiting  on me with a sign that cherry'jones. I was so excited when i saw that. When I got in  the car with the mann he said i came at a good time because the trafic is crazy in LA. Then I was all like so wheres my uncle i mean it was just my opion. The man said he was waiting on me & he had a shopping suprize for me. So knowing me & what im used to I just knew we was going to the mall so i thought but I notice that the music was like ours but it was way different like fist pumping music mixed with hip-pop & R&B. After words we pull up to this place that says 500,000 Acres of stores,food, & more. So my mouth instanly drops when i see 500,000 Acres of stores. I was like omg!!! so I got really excited when I saw my uncle.( I screamed) I jumped out the car before he fully stoped!!! I gave my uncle a big hug. My uncle told the man to take my bags to the house & be back by 8:00pm. I went shopping for 3hours straight so i got really hungry. My uncle took me to this place called Roscoes chicken & waffles. It was good but different, I mean like chicken with waffles ahaa hilarous to me. After all that eaten and shopping my uncle had another suprize for me. He took me to get my hair done it was "Bhadd" meaning cute as can be. It was curls all around with chinese bangs. I thanked him so much. Then I went to my uncles Job after getting my hair done & met alot of famous people. I have pictures with me & these I will be bringing to school. I met Rihanna, lil'wayne, Chris brown, P-diddy & more. I mean you'll think meeting them would be exciting but no not to me just a normal person with a big talent. Fowlling that we went in the mountains & went to go see the hollywood sign. It was pretty,bright, & big I took 3 different pictures & poses It was fun. The digital camera my uncle took the pictures with, he let me have after words i was so happy I had never felt this way since my ninth birthday. we went to my uncles house at 8:20 we arrvied at 8:45. The ride form the hollywood sign was fun, loud music & bright lights while going to the house. Anyhow we arrived at the house my uncle had just purchased. It was a huge blue house. MY uncle told me to go in & pick a room, back then my favorite colors was pink,purple,green, & blue. So my uncle told me to pick my two most favorites of course back then was pink and purple. We painted my room and got a whole lot of decorations &, pink & purple wooden letters to spell my name & put on the wall. After words my uncle called the man with black everything & told him to pick a queen bed 7 pink & purple bed set with big,fuzzy, pink pellows. After we were done setting up everything it was so cute ha ha (back then) I was so happy. This was 1 of the best days in my life everything went the way i wanted it to. I really idolize my uncle Athony so much!!! This is why I picked to write about my 1st trip to california because it was Awesome. I hope one day to have another Journey like such. THE END....

Friday, September 9, 2011

ssr test

Today I got a 965 on my test i think that was good enough for now im in a proficent range but next time i want to try for advanced,'!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

dance comps

 dance competition is in two weeks. we go to a hotel like renassance or some others and we pefrom it take them like two days two set up the stage and more. most of the time my family and i stay at the hotel before the comps we have to have fun before before comps its a goodthing to do that.... cant wait for two weeks to go by!!!